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In February, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) kicked off their Annual State of Manufacturing Tour, where the group visited manufacturing facilities around the country. The tour, led by President & CEO, Jay Timmons, visited our very own Indianapolis Retail Display Facility on Valentine’s Day.

The day provided a special opportunity for IP to share our manufacturing story and highlight our operations in Indiana.

Did you know? In Indiana, IP has over 1,000 employees and 12 sites.

The facility’s General Manager, Jeff Nelson, was instrumental in making sure the visit with NAM was a success. Showing Jay Timmons and the NAM team around the 250,000 square foot facility, highlighting their products and the public policy issues that impact the company was no small feat. Jeff and his team really excelled in telling the IP story!

Throughout the tour, it was evident that Jay and the rest of the NAM team enjoyed learning about the facility, our capabilities, products and customers, as well as speaking with our employees on the facility floor.

Following the tour, everyone regrouped in the conference room for a discussion on the opportunities within IP and the manufacturing community in general, and the urgent need to attract more people into manufacturing professions.

Several IP team members described the decisions that led them to a career in manufacturing. One such employee was Omar Colmenares, who was recently highlighted by NAM in their “Creators Wanted” blog. To read how Omar ended up at IP and what he likes best about his job CLICK HERE.

The NAM team members were very impressed with our employees, the high tech nature of the design and production at the Indianapolis facility.

Sharing our story was important and NAM is a great ally in the fight to strengthen manufacturing jobs and the industry as a whole.

A big thank you to Jeff Nelson, Lawrence Clayton (Regional General Manager) and Laura Clark (Communications Manager) for their help in getting this event off the ground!

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