Learn more about the policy issues affecting International Paper.

International Paper has an interest in the public policy process and in the outcome of legislative debates at all levels of our government. As a company, we take our role in the process seriously because of its direct impact on our ability to compete in today’s marketplace. We invite you to learn more about our priority issues below.

Business Issues

Whether it’s reforming the U.S. Postal Service, respecting consumer choice or empowering companies to collect, market or use recycled materials, IP supports sound policies that place a focus on helping businesses succeed.

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We support policies that promote energy diversity and economic development, consistent with our principles of responsible, efficient, and sustainable use of natural resources.

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We are committed to market-driven paper and paper-based packaging recovery and recycling efforts. We oppose government mandates that hold producers financially responsible for managing waste from products sold or require the manufacturer to take back products and packaging introduced into the marketplace.

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Tax Reform

We believe in comprehensive, long-term tax reform that significantly reduces the corporate tax rate and creates a globally competitive system of international taxation.

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As a major exporter of packaging, pulp and paper, IP has long history of support for bilateral and regional trade agreements that offer substantive economic benefits and provide greater market access for our products.

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As a leading shipper of freight, IP supports policies that make our shipments more efficient and competitive.

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