Workforce Development

More than 85% of International Paper employees work in manufacturing facilities, and every one of our jobs supports 3.25
jobs in supplier industries and local communities. International Paper supports efforts at the state and federal level to
implement workforce programs that address career and technical education opportunities. These programs must train
students with the critical technical skills sought by local employers. The need for greater state and national investment in the
technical skills of the American workforce is more pressing than ever.

To create our workforce of the future and support 21st Century Manufacturing, our mission is to build and sustain a work environment that embraces diversity, individuality and collaboration to drive exceptional results, valuing different viewpoints and backgrounds driving toward a common goal. As part of our Vision 2030 goals, International Paper seeks to achieve 30% overall representation of women, with 50% in salaried positions, and 25% of minorities in U.S.

Read International Paper’s workforce development handout here. .